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May 6, 2011


The Pop Group Mecano wanted to homage Salvador Dalí when he died.

They composed this lovely song in 1998.

  • Look for the lyrics in the following website:

  • Now, listen to the song carefully:

  • Try to sing it with this karaokee version:

        Wowwww!!! Awesome!!!


  1. The song is very beautiful.
    My dad and my mum did when they heard the song said, is the Mecano!
    Liked very much!!!

  2. -This song is very funny and apacionant.
    (My father), my mother and my sister played lan iels there liked.
    I love it !!!!!.

  3. -My father and my mother does not know this song but the game and liked him and liked !!!!!

  4. Hello!!!!!

    My mum and my dad liked this song because they sining and lisening when they are children in the years 80.
    My dad i'm explain how the gruop "Mecano" era a fantastic group era a 1 group famous

  5. This song is very pretty!♥♥
    And my mom say:
    - This group is Mecano..I love this group.
    And teacher Nuría I like this group too.