'I'll be a genious....... Perhaps I'll be despised and misunderstood, but I'll be a genious, a great genious'

Hello everybody!!!!

All of you know that our School Project is the 'Discovery of Girona ' because you'll spend 3 days there in your final school excursion, in May! WOW!!!

We have prepared this blog to learn many, many things of the famous painter, the genious Salvador Dalí. Art and English are the main subjects, here in our blog.

We'll really value your interest, your effort and your participation in this blog.

Feel free and have a go!!!

Do you fancy starting it? Yes, I do/ No, I don't because ....

Do you like it? Yes, I do/ No, I don't because ....

June 28, 2011



  1. WOW!!!!!!! The project in computer!!!
    the project from samia is very very good!

  2. Andreaaaaaaa,

    Hello!! How are you??? Do you enjoy yourself a lot? It's summer time !!! I see that you have looked at the blog. FANTASTIC!!! It's a good English practice!!!!
    Do you go to the swimming pool? Do you play games with your friends???

    kisses and hugs

  3. Carolina Acosta Guiu 1r ESO BDecember 1, 2011 at 9:56 PM

    Wooow!!.The project fineshed are very nice god job Nutia in year 2010/2011
    Lots of kisses

  4. Yes, yes, We finished everything!!! Carolina... How are you? How is the Secondary School? Do you enjoy classes? And English?????
    Hope to see you soon.


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